Learning outcomes:

  • Develop skills in the practice of using the voice, language and text in preparation for rehearsal and production in school and community settings or for your own professional development
  • Learn and practise a range of approaches suitable for working with the voice and speech in a variety of specialist environments
  • Learn and practise vocal pedagogical skills.

Course Description

Open to domestic applicants only

This course is designed to provide study and practice in voice for individuals who wish to follow a career in voice teaching. It is particularly likely to appeal to professionals who already have a knowledge and interest in the voice e.g. actors, directors, drama teachers and trained singers.

The program develops your skills in the practice of using voice, language and text including diagnostic tools for enhancing voice practice and your own approach for working with the relationship between voice, speech and text.

As the development of voice skills is a physical training, to gain full benefit from the course it is expected that you develop your own daily practice.

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