Visual Art Summer School 2019 - Painting

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Painting Summer School will explore painting techniques and materials and develop your knowledge of colour theory. You will learn to use paint as a means to convey a creative visual idea, painting from life and personal interpretation.

This will include:

  • Preparing canvas and paper surfaces
  • Planning the pictorial organisation of a composition through rough sketches prior to painting
  • Mixing colour greys, to use tone to create the illusion of form in space
  • Discussing oil and acrylic options.  Students will make individual models and consider mood and narrative
  • Preparation supports for subtractive painting techniques
  • Preparing coloured ground, dry-brush and glazing techniques
  • Working from a model, use of a specific light source, working from observation with a loose application of materials
  • Glazing techniques
  • Colour mixing and preparing a palette to work from soft/blending brush techniques and photographic imagery
  • Transferring images/scale using  grid and projection
  • Working from a photographic source and consider combining resource material (eg: photograph and object), altering an existing media/photographic image, incorporating text, using stencil, layering imagery, cropping imagery or collage; to translate an idea or conceptual vision.

“It was a wonderful experience that rekindled my interest in art.”  
2016 Summer School participant

How to apply

Essential Information

This course is suitable for 15-20 year olds
Places are limited.

Monday - Friday
10am - 4pm
7 January –  11 January 2019