Theatre Audition Preparation Workshop: Devised Performance

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Gain a head start in the competitive audition process and become audition-ready!

Over two days, this workshop will provide you with essential hints, encouragement, practical tools, and confidence to enable you to prepare to the best of your ability. The workshops are tailored specifically for VCE students and those planning to audition for the VCA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) or other tertiary drama courses.

Devised Performance

This audition preparation workshop will explore ways to help you develop your creativity, imagination and skills to devise your own work. Text, action, object, sound, fiction, senses and space are utilised to assist you to experiment, invent and create a dynamic solo performance that you can use in your upcoming auditions!

The devised performance process combines theatre and acting fundamentals: body, voice, image and object - participants work on self-devised work skills. Guided by an industry professional you will learn how to be creator and actor of your own material. This workshop explores the art of making original work, acting and refining it.

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10.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday
14 October - 15 October 2017



For further information please contact:
T: +61 3 83443244

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