Acting Audition Workshops 2018

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Be Audition Ready in 2018

These workshops will provide you with essential tips, practical tools, encouragement and confidence to enable you to prepare to the best of your ability. Tailored specifically for VCE students and those planning to audition for the VCA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting or Theatre) or other tertiary drama courses.

A selection of workshops are being offered in 2018 to assist you in perfecting your audition pieces. Choose from working on your Devised Performance, Contemporary Monologues and Shakespeare Monologues.

Devised Performance
22 & 23 September
Explore ways to develop your creativity, imagination and skills to devise your own work. Combining theatre making and acting fundamentals you will experiment with text, actions, object, sound, senses and space to invent and create a dynamic solo performance that you can use in your upcoming auditions!
Book now & more information for the Devised Performance Workshop here. 

Contemporary Text
15 & 16 September
The Contemporary Text Workshop will focus on devising your monologue to get you audition ready and polish your performance. Enjoy the VCA facilities along with professional tutors who will give you insights into the audition process and help in developing a monologue to assist you in developing a personalized text and demonstrate a simple and truthful interpretation.
Book now & more information for the Contemporary Text Workshop here. 

Shakespeare Monologues
8 & 9 September SOLD OUT

NEW COHORT AVAILABLE  - 13 & 14 October 2018
Shakespeare's language is immediate, energetic and vital. Discover the Bard’s clues and develop specialist, technical understandings of how to unlock the meaning of the text to ensure that you perform your best in your upcoming auditions!
Guided by an industry professional, performing artist and practicing educator, this workshop will help take the fear out of approaching a Shakespeare text and give you the edge on how best to prepare a dynamic Shakespearean audition piece.
Book now & more information for the Shakespeare Monologue Workshop here. 


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