Visual Art Graduate Exhibition Awards


The Graduate Exhibition awards are announced at the Visual Art Graduate Exhibition Awards.  

Timing of award

End of year Visual Art Graduate Exhibition Awards

Frequency of award


Awards (indicative)                                         

  • Daniel Dorall Art Award
  • Bus Projects Award
  • Chin Chin Wall of Art Exhibition      
  • Dr David Rosenthal Award                  
  • Evans Family Award for Photography Photography 
  • Falls Creek Resort Indigenous Art Award
  • Fiona Myer Awards                                    
  • Garry Grossbard Drawing Prize        
  • Irene Sutton Award                                  
  • Lionel Gell Foundation Award     
  • LON Gallery Award 
  • Lowensteins Arts Management Prize    
  • Majlis Encouragement Awards 
  • Mt Buller Residency             
  • National Gallery of Victoria Women's Association Awards  
  • NAVA Ignition Membership
  • Orloff Family Charitable Trust Award
  • Perrin Sculpture Foundry Award 
  • Rod Ramage Sculpture Award
  • Rodger Davies Award  
  • Rosemary Ricker Award 
  • Stella Dilger Encouragement Award
  • Tatana Mihulka Art Encouragement Award
  • The Blair Trethowan TCB Art Inc. Award
  • The Plumm Wine Glass Award 
  • The Stoner Award
  • The Sydney Canvas Company Prize for Painting 
  • Tolarno Hotel VCA Annual Art Award   
  • Trocadero - Gallery 2
  • Trocadero- Nooky
  • Ursula Hoff Institute Inc Drawing Awards
  • West Space Noticeboard Award
  • William Ballantyne Memorial Award

How to apply

Applications are not required. Nominations are made by the Director of the VCA and the Head of Art in consultation with academic staff. The Dean will approve the recipients.