The VCA ACCESS Mentorship Program


The VCA ACCESS Mentorship Program is provided to assist 2nd year VCA Masters students (MCA/MFA) forge career pathways and meaningful professional networks.  

Five successful students will be paired with a prominent VCA Alumni Artist who will act as a mentor and provide the tools and experience to help understand, develop and promote a sustainable art practice.

This unique and interactive Program is underwritten by a group of art loving Melbournians who are invited to an exciting calendar of events throughout the year designed to:

  • increase engagement with the VCA
  • showcase the mentoring relationship between student and VCA Alumni Artist
  • observe student work in progress
  • follow the progress of each student from the start of the semester through to the VCA Graduate Exhibition and beyond


The VCA Access Mentorship Program:

  • creates opportunities for students to make valuable personal and professional connections with other artists,VCA Access Members and industry professionals
  • nurtures and prepares the next wave of Australian artistic talent for the local and international art world
  • builds skills and provides exclusive opportunities for student growth, development and confidence
  • showcases the pivotal role of the VCA in Australia’s contemporary art landscape to a committed and supportive group of VCA Access Members
  • celebrates VCA Alumni


Applications open on 4 August 2017 @ 5 pm

Applications close on 25 August 2017 @ 12 Midnight

Apply here


The VCA ACCESS Mentorship Program is open for award annually to five 2nd year VCA Masters students (MCA/MFA).

The VCA Access Mentorship Program continues for 1 academic year.

Students must demonstrate a willingness to:

  • meaningfully engage with their VCA Alumni Mentor Artist
  • attend VCA Access events
  • make their studios available for VCA Access visits
  • occasionally discuss their artistic process in public or perform for the benefit of VCA Access Members
  • actively engage with VCA faculty staff and the VCA ACCESS Committee to facilitate and ensure a meaningful experience for all parties involved in the VCA Access Program 


The Selection Committee will assess applications based on:

  • artistic merit as demonstrated by a current CV and short artistic biography, including any professional experience and published and exhibited works
  • academic merit as demonstrated by academic results
  • the quality and standard of up to 6 images of current art work submitted in the Application Form that best demonstrates the field of artistic practice
  • ability and interest to develop and sustain the mentoring relationship for the duration of the Program. 


Successful applicants will be shortlisted and may be asked to attend an interview by the Selection Committee.

The Head of the VCA School of Art, on recommendation of the Selection Committee, will approve five successful applicants via email.  

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

How to apply

Please refer to the Open and Closing Dates and Apply here

The link will only be useable during the Application Period.