The Miklos Janek Memorial Award


The Miklos Janek Memorial Award is for writing displaying a satirical, ironic or comic approach to story content or style. The recipient's screenplay should ideally employ one or all of the above notions in telling their screen story. It could be in either the content or the style of telling.  The award is not intended to be only for straight out 'ha ha' comedy but also for stories that display a desire to transform understanding with a eye to the playful or absurd or ironic or satirical.

Timing of award

Semester 2 after results

Frequency of award


Value (indicative)


Eligible discipline or specialisation

Screenwriting, FTV

Eligible year level

Graduating student - 3rd year, Honours, Masters 2nd year in documentary, live action or animation

How to apply

Applications are not required. Nominations are made by the Head of discipline in consultation with academic staff. The Dean will approve the recipients.