Orloff Family Charitable Trust Scholarship


These awards are available to selected high-ranking students who are outstanding or worthy of encouragement, and are awarded at the discretion of the Heads of School/Discipline. 

Timing of award

Semester 2

Frequency of award


Value (indicative)

$3,500 is allocated to each discipline noted below.  The Head of Discipline may opt to split the $3,500 between multiple recipients, or to allocate it to a single recipient.

Eligible discipline or specialisation

Dance, music theatre,  film and television, production, theatre, visual art

Eligible year level

  • Dance - Third year
  • Music theatre - first year, undergraduate
  • Film and television - any year level
  • Production - any year level
  • Theatre - any year level
  • Visual art - any year level

How to apply

Applications are not required. Nominations are made by the Head of discipline in consultation with academic staff. The Dean will approve the recipients.