Learning outcomes

  • A demonstrated capacity to design, conduct and report independent and original research on a closely-defined project;
  • Well-developed and flexible problem-solving abilities appropriate to the discipline;
  • The ability to engage in independent and contextually-informed artistic practice;
  • The capacity to communicate effectively the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication;
  • A capacity for critical evaluation of relevant scholarly literature and artistic practice;
  • An understanding of and facility with scholarly conventions in the discipline area.

Course Description

The Master of Fine Arts (Visual Art) is designed for practising visual artists who have a specific research interest or project they wish to pursue formally within the academic structure and supportive environment of the School of Art. The School of Art seeks to provide opportunities for suitably qualified candidates to develop their potential for, and to conduct, research, to extend their knowledge and competence and, in turn, to contribute to the understanding of current art practice and associated theories of contemporary society and culture.

The field is dynamic. School of Art research investigates a wide range of critical issues in art reflected in the diverse investigative foci and research activity of staff and graduate students, including questions in aesthetics, new modes of practice and reception, and questions of social and cultural engagement.

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