Learning outcomes

  • A demonstrated capacity to design, conduct and report independent and original research on a closely-defined project;
  • Well-developed and flexible problem-solving abilities appropriate to the discipline;
  • The ability to engage in independent and contextually-informed artistic practice;
  • The capacity to communicate effectively the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication;
  • A capacity for critical evaluation of relevant scholarly literature and artistic practice;
  • An understanding of and facility with scholarly conventions in the discipline area.

Course Description

The Master of Fine Arts (Film and Television) gives experienced film and television practitioners, and high level film graduates, the opportunity to engage in independent research in their field. The degree enables graduate researchers to develop mastery, and advance the practice and theory in their field.

The majority of research proposals will involve creative research by means of the candidate’s own practice, in parallel with a substantial dissertation, which compliments and illuminates the creative work and places it within a scholarly context.

While MFA practice-based projects will fulfil the requirements of academic research, the nature of the practice may vary. Examples of practice-based research may be a completed feature film script or short screen based works. The school does not normally resource screen-based creative practice as part of the degree.

The onus is on the candidate to ensure that their practice can provide the basis for a thorough research investigation, and that the research focus can be consciously articulated in written form.

While primarily self-directed, students will work with one or two supervisors from our academic staff. Selection of candidates depends on the school’s ability to match applicants’ projects with available supervision. 

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