• Display ability for collaborative and participatory practice in the creative arts within a community engagement model
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and examine current community cultural development practice
  • Work collaboratively and confidently as a community facilitator and cultural animateur across a range of disciplines and creative art practices
  • Present and implement a developed knowledge of the creative processes within a community-based arts program
  • Understand the concepts of culture, cultural diversity and identity, personal and interpersonal competencies and ethics in a community context
  • Ability to strategically broker and network cross-sectional partnerships within a broad based arts and cultural domain.

Course Description

Note: The Faculty of VCA & MCM has confirmed it will cease offerings in all programs and discontinue operations managed at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships by 31 December, 2016. Please see the Dean’s statement on the closure.

The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Community Engagement is an introduction to arts and community engagement project development within the broad practice of community-based arts practice. It is a highly practical and skill-based study program that is underpinned by arts and cultural theoretical frameworks, reading discussions, visiting guest speakers, group workshops and individual goal setting.

This course is designed to prepare a pathway into many sectors of community service in local government, international development sectors and to meet employment needs in cross-sectoral organisations; for example, arts in health, justice, education, schools, neighbourhood renewal and community development.

The program will be delivered as experiential learning and will include examination of the current community contexts of the creative arts as a community-based practice. It aims to build awareness of the principles of community development and empowerment, as well as improving understanding of concepts of culture and cultural diversity, identity and narratives of representation, and the collaborative role of the creative artist and entrepreneur in community leadership.

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