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Important Dates

Live auditions are held in November. In 2017, auditions were held in the following cities, audition cities in 2018 may be subject to change.

  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney


Each 5-minute audition consists of an individual song and monologue performance as well as a 45-minute group dance assessment. You must prepare two songs and one monologue for your audition. In your initial audition, it is likely you will only be asked to perform your monologue and one song; it is strongly advised for you to choose your best song.


  • You must prepare two songs in the Music Theatre genre.
  • Intial auditions will likely require the performance of one song, however please be prepared to perform your second song.
  • During call-backs, applicants will be asked to sing their second song. You might also be directed through singing exercises or asked to sing your first song again.
  • Songs must be learned in full, however please also prepare a 90-second cut of each song.
  • Accompanists will be provided but you must bring your own sheet music.
  • Please read the following guidelines for preparing sheet music and your 90-second cut. Take careful note as poor preparation of sheet music will make it difficult for the accompanist to best support your song.



  • You must prepare one monologue, either Shakespearean or Contemporary. Please read the following guidelines to assist you in your choice of monologue.


  • Where possible, you should read the entire play from which your piece has been chosen in order to place the speech in context. You are strongly advised to select from plays rather than film or television scripts. Pieces must be a minimum of 1.5 minutes in length but no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Texts must be fully learned and performed off-book.

Dance Assessment

You will take part in a 45-minute jazz dance call which will also include a tap ability assessment. The dance assessment may be scheduled on the day of your individual audition or on another day during the specified dates above, more details will be provided with your audition notification.


  • At the conclusion of the dance call, you may be invited to attend a callback on one of the dates listed above.
  • If you are unable to attend a callback, you may be contacted for a telephone interview.
  • Call back applicants will need to complete the General Medical History Form. We would like to ensure duty of care should you be successful. More details will be provided with your call-back notification. 

Acting and singing audition guidelines

  • You must use your own accent in the monologue
  • No props and costume pieces
  • Do not perform your song and monologue with direct eye contact to the panel

Can't attend the audition?

While we strongly recommend all applicants attend a live audition, applicants who are unavailable for a live audition may alternatively submit a recorded audition. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a call back in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne. If you are unable to attend your call back, you may be contacted for a telephone interview.

Your recorded interview must contain the following:

  • A short introduction explaining your reason for wanting to undertake the course.
  • Performance of songs in accordance with the guidelines stated for a live audition.
  • Performance of two monologues in accordance with the guidelines stated for a live audition.
  • Demonstration of dance experience, or potential to be trained, by performing:
  1. Flexibility demonstration 1: Stand with feet together, knees straight and reach to the floor
  2. Flexibility demonstration 2: Lie on the belly, body flat out. Using your hands push your upper body up, arching the back
  3. Stand in first position and plié
  4. Starting from first position, eight jumps to the ceiling with straight knees in the jump, bending as you land
  5. Four pirouettes (singles and doubles or triples, if competent)
  6. A sequence of six kicks to the front on each leg
  7. Six kicks to the right side; six to the left side
  • If you have no tap experience, please say ‘no tap’ at the end of the dance sequence. If you wish to demonstrate further proficiency and tap experience construct four eights of a combination of your choice. Please note this is for applicants with some jazz experience (not beginners). Please demonstrate the following:
  1. As many of the following in which you are proficient: a time step (single and/or double), pick-ups/grab-offs and wings.
  2. A short combination, demonstrating your highest skill level.

 Submit your recorded audition by sending a shareable Dropbox link to:


        Recorded auditions are due by 31st October

         Please be sure to include:

 Instructions on how to share a Dropbox link can be found here .

Music Theatre Audition Workshops

You are welcome to attend our Music Theatre Audition Workshop – the perfect workshop to prepare for auditions of any music theatre tertiary training courses. We cover all elements of music theatre and equip you with audition tools and general information to build your confidence and develop your preparation process.

For more information visit the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music website

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