Doctoral attributes

Doctoral graduates will acquire the following qualities and skills:

  • a demonstrated capacity to design, conduct and report sustained and original research;
  • the capacity to contextualise research within an international corpus of specialist knowledge;
  • highly developed problem-solving abilities and flexibility of approach;
  • the ability to analyse critically within and across a changing disciplinary environment;
  • the capacity to disseminate the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication to a variety of audiences;
  • an understanding of the relevance and value of their research to national and international communities of scholars and collaborators.

Course Description

Changes to the PhD courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music have recently been approved by the university. The present PhD – Music and PhD – VCA will become one course: the PhD – Fine Arts and Music. This will not change the course entry requirements, nor will it change the actual courses. We are doing this to simplify our course offerings and make choosing the correct course simpler and easier. If you have already applied for 2019 entry to a PhD in Music or at VCA, your application will be assessed and it is likely offers will be for the new course.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the VCA is a program of independent creative arts research, for which both traditional and practice-led PhD research modes are offered. The PhD involves a substantial piece of original and independent research, pursued under the guidance of Supervisors with expertise in your area of research interest.

The normal length of a doctoral thesis is 80,000 - 100,000 words. In this degree, a PhD thesis may take the form of performance and/or corpus of creative work, plus a dissertation of 40,000 - 50,000 words which aims to address, elucidate and contextualise the work. The creative work may be in the form of, performance exhibition writing (poetry, fiction, script or other literary forms), film, video, multimedia, CD Rom or other new media technologies and modes of presentation.

Entry into this degree requires an honours or masters degree with demonstrated evidence of a research component or equivalent. Entry to the PhD is determined by the merit of a research proposal and support material to the field of research (publications, performances, films, exhibitions, recitals etc).

PhD graduate researchers become part of an active Faculty research culture which includes school based seminars, faculty research symposia and opportunities for funding to attend national and international conferences, symposia, performances, exhibitions, and other events at which they present research or creative work.

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