Learning outcomes:

  • Develop a command of performance skills, including acting, voice and movement
  • Consolidate a working methodology as an autonomous actor
  • Develop the artistic skills to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of theatre

Course Description

Theatre Practice is an intensive actor training program where you will develop into an autonomous artist, able to interpret established texts as well as generate and perform new material.

The program provides a studio-based learning environment where you are encouraged to develop holistically as an actor. Our philosophy and practice is centred on the development of independent artists who possess a passion for theatre and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of the art form.

We employ an expansive, progressive use of the term ‘actor’ that builds upon the idea of a performer who interprets existing text. Our definition also recognises the actor as an artist with agency to generate new performances. The structure of the course allows intensive skills training and practice to take place alongside rehearsal processes and a wide variety of performance situations. Collaborative practice is regarded as an important element of contemporary theatre and is therefore integral to our training.

In the first year you integrate imagination, voice and body skills and apply these in a range of performance contexts. The second year continues to develop your kinaesthetic and perceptual awareness in performance and you learn to work within a production process from conception through to rehearsal and performance. In the final year of the program you have developed your methodology as a working actor and employ it in multiple productions – including the Festival of New Work.

Our graduates work at all levels of the theatre, film and television industries, and are renowned for their capacity to work creatively and collaboratively, in both traditional and ground-breaking performance contexts. Students establish careers in professional theatre, community arts and education, film, television, radio, new media and education.

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