VCA Film and Television offer acting and crewing opportunities on our student productions to those wanting to gain on-set experience, or further develop their craft.

Film and Television Undergraduate and Graduate Crewing Night

Film and Television hosts its once-yearly pitching event in May, where people interested in crewing on student productions meet VCA student directors who pitch their film concepts and indicate crewing role vacancies. If you can't attend you can access the Crewing Night Guide which contains information on all of the directors and projects that were pitched on the night. The guide will be available online on the event day.

Crewing for Foundation

Film and Television Foundations hosts its once-yearly crewing night in September, for those interested in gaining or further developing on set experience. Please contact the course coordinator for more information.

Next Crewing for Foundation Night

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Crew Calls

Film and Television have compiled an information sheet on the best way to approach people when seeking crew for a shoot.

Acting in our Projects

If you are interested in acting in a student production, then set up a profile at Starnow or Showcast. Our students post their films and cast/ crew requirements throughout the year, so you can pick and choose a project that may be right for you.

Visit our Starnow casting hub

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