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The Solo Projects: Damiano Bertoli and Mira Gojak

The Solo Projects: Damiano Bertoli and Mira Gojak

The Solo Projects is an ongoing series that showcases new works by Melbourne based practitioners, providing an opportunity for contemporary artists to create a new body of work on a large scale specifically designed for the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

Continuous Moment: Big Foot's Studio Distant Measures

Damiano Bertoli

Continuous Moment: Big Foot's Studio is the 5th instalment of Damiano Bertoli’s ongoing research and investigation into Picasso’s play Le Désir Attrapé par la Queue (Desire Captured by the Tail). Referring to both a 1944 reading of the play and a staging of the play in 1967 by Jean Jacques Lebel, Bertoli’s work addresses ideas of repetition, reprise and continuity. Like Picasso’s text and Lebel’s production, Bertoli draws on a vast network of references and influences. In this light, Continuous Moment: Big Foot's Studio can be understood as an assemblage of existing voices through which Bertoli is part of the aggregating authorship around ‘Le Désir’.

Distant Measures

Mira Gojak

The lengths of wool that Gojak has wrapped around forged linear forms, when added together, aims to roughly equate to the distance between the earth and where the sky’s blueness disappears into darkness. The earth’s outer atmosphere can be measured from a birds eye view above the stratosphere. With this perspective, the blue sky can have a limit, but on the ground how does one make sense of this? Gojak has stated that in enacting these measurements she is trying to index those immeasurable distances between what we think we know and what will remain unknowable. In these works, the quest to reach ‘blueness’ is embodied not in creating an expanded and continuous field of blue but in the quotidian process of wrapping wool around discreet forms that mutter through their illegibility.

Image credits: Image 1 Damiano Bertoli, Image 2 James Geurts

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The gallery performs an integral and generative function within the VCA artistic community and is a showcase for new work, playing an educational role for the Victorian and Australian community.

The gallery offers established practitioners an opportunity to create new work in a supported and critically engaged environment. It also encourages meaningful connections and exchanges between professional artists, academics, students and the wider public.

The program focuses on new work by local, national and international artists. Exhibitions are presented in an environment that fosters critical discussion, as well as an understanding and promotion of visual art and its broader social contexts, with accompanying forums, artist and curator talks, residencies and public lectures. The exhibition program has a strong emphasis on research, developed by directly responding to exhibition proposals, and by inviting artists, curators or groups whose work or research is of particular contemporary relevance to devise a project for the space.

The program is determined 12 to 18 months in advance to allow a reasonable period of exhibition development in discussion with gallery staff. Application proposals may be submitted to the Director at any time.

The gallery is also responsible for the care and management of the VCA Art Collection, which spans the history of the College and its predecessor, the National Gallery School of Art and the Margaret Lawrence Australian Ceramic Collection.

The Margaret Lawrence Gallery is generously supported by the Margaret Lawrence Bequest.


Director: David Sequeira

Gallery Coordinator: Sophie Neate

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