2018 program

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television)

A Mouth to Feed

Director: Harrison Lane

Producer: Rachel Wilson

A father struggles to drag the carcass of a dead cow across miles of perilous and harsh terrain.

Program C

Base Camp

Director: Conor Jamieson

Producer: Mario Biancacci, Amy Mai

A young mountaineer has one more task to complete before embarking on his most dangerous climb yet, leaving his mother.

Program F


Director: Kalu Oji

Following mother and son Mary and David, Blackwood is a comedy-drama set in small town Australia, intertwining spoken word with traditional narrative form.

Program G


Director: Hannah Herrmann-Payn

Producer: Claudia Rose Holmes (alumni)

A coming of age film about a shy country girl, Jo, who while staying at an eccentric youth hostel in the city is stalked by a haunting blue woman.

Program C

Flower Shadow's Serenade (花影小月曲)

Director: Lin Yuan Goh

Producer: Bingshan Li, Qi Zhang

Set during the ghost month in Singapore, a grandmother's spirit returns home to sing her favourite song.

Program F


Director: Felix Adsett

Producer: Qi Zhang

four.fiveXsix is an experimental short film exploring the development of a performance within an architectural space.

Program E

It's Only You

Director: Phoebe Van Min

Producer: Elise O'Connor, Thuy Phuong

A naturalistic drama that follows Sadie, a Child Protection worker, as she wrestles with her decision regarding her unplanned pregnancy.

Program E


Director: David McRobbie Park

Look! Kate is talking to Shannon. See Kate Dance. Watch Kate Run. Run, Kate, Run!

Program E


Director: Jake Neville

Producer: Jon Grosland

An ageing shut-in drag queen is forced to confront his looming obsolescence when a young and starry-eyed queen is hired to breathe some life into a country town’s rickety bowls club.

Program G


Director: Mark Kobakian

Producer: Amy Phuong Mai, Kuangshi Ren

Abel has resorted to selling prescription drugs in an effort to provide for Grace, his 16-year-old sister after their parents have passed away.

Program D


Director: Thomas Michael Kerrigan

Producer: Joseph Chamsay

Amidst the battle between good and evil, everyday accountant Simon Stevens discovers that not every hero has to be super.

Program A

Sunny Side of the Street

Director: Andrew Kose

During the '98 Jakarta riot, two strangers share a journey back home.

Program B

Sur Place

Director: Sarah Burrial

Producer: Joseph Chamsay

A friendship, a furniture store, and a jungle patterned dresser inspire two women to see the value of following your dreams.

Program B

The Back of My Head

Director: Guy Tyzack

Four very different people randomly, anxiously and crudely cross each others paths during one day in the city.

Program A

The People We've Lost

Director: Ashleigh Molnar

Producer: Mario Biancacci

A young woman struggles to process her grief and her guilt after the suicide of her best friend.

Program D

Walking Into Sunday

Director: Alex Thomson

After viewing a disturbing film recommended to him by a close friend, Michael faces the daunting task of sharing his honest opinion.

Program D

Water Time Theme Park

Director: Lucas Haynes

Producer: Qi Zhang

E1's brother in law, Peter, gives E1 a lot of things and care, but what she really wants is ignored.

Program C

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) (Honours)


Director: Stephanie Peters

Producer: Jon Grosland

A surreal and grotesque love story centring on a young women who suffers from trypophobia (the fear of holes).

Program G


Director: Jason Albury

Producer: CJ Welsh (alumni)

At a time when work is scarce, Mia wins a bid for a job she knows nothing about. When she learns it's for testing VR therapy, she begins questioning the creator and the reasons behind the technology.

Program F

Kids on Fire

Director: Kirrilee Bailey

Under the direction of her Evangelical Christian youth group leader, a nine-year-old tomboy is forced to confront her gender and sexuality.

Program E

Master of Film and Television (Narrative)

A Piece Of Us

Director: Justin Rhys Grant

Producer: Rephael Yarr Dagan

A Piece Of Us is a film about a loss of a son and the effects that can drown out the world, shown through the eyes of a photographer.

Program E

Among Men

Director: Ande Cunningham

Producer: Melanie Scammell

Michael forms a connection with the deer he's been hired to kill.

Program C

Back Burn

Director: Jake Shannon

After the loss of her parents, a teenage girl in the Australian Outback tries to cope with the responsibilities of looking after her elderly grandfather.

Program B

Dreams of Blue

Director: Sarah Petrasiunas

Producer: Elise O'Connor

Dreams of Blue is an atmospheric family drama about a mother and daughter's struggle to connect.

Program F

His Hand

Director: Phillip Klimek

Producer: Rach Moors Chantry

Avenging their daughters murder, two parents hire a hitman with unforseen consequences.

Program B


Director: Hao Zhu

Producer: Kuangshi Ren

A Chinese man's solitary life and his relations with several Australian women.

Program G

Love is a Lunatic City

Director: Hannah Moore

Producer: Lauren Beck

A teenage girl must escape from juvenile prison to find the father of her unborn baby.

Program D


Director: Cindy Karim Rodriguez

Producer: Rephael Yaar Dagan

It’s 1974 and for ten-year-old Nena setting up a new life in Australia isn’t easy, especially when the ghost of her gaucho grandfather comes to visit.

Program E


Director: Kimia Hendi

A drama with fantasy elements about a young woman who is struggling to deal with the death of her father.

Program A


Director: Daniel King

Producer: Mario Biancacci

On Australia Day, can a patriotic father change his views towards an Aboriginal family after an altercation between their daughters?

Program G

Rain Came, and Then Shadows

Director: Conor O'Brien

Producer: Joseph Chamsay

An Irish woman living in Australia has become disconnected from the world around her. Through dreams and memories, she attempts to connect once more to a feeling of home.

Program F

Rare Birds

Director: Melanie Scammell

Producer: Rachel Wilson

A young woman struggling to cope with the trauma of a sexual assault finds freedom in an unlikely connection.

Program C


Director: Olivia Altavilla

Producer: Manni Wu

When a teenage girl witnesses an altar boy being mistreated by her local priest she must convince her devout Catholic family to act.

Program D

The Stepmother

Director: Angus Attwood

Producer: Rachel Wilson, Jon Grosland

The Stepmother is a dark fairy tale about a young girl who must defend her sense of imagination against the rules of her controlling stepmother.

Program A

We Vanish

Director: Astrid Dominguez

In a country where violence against women has been normalised, a young mother will put her own life in danger to get legal justice over her daughter's brutal murder.

Program A

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