Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) 3rd year

Digital Rainforest

Director: Kii Belling

Duration: 12 min

After a breakup, Sam discovers a virtual reality program that lets him relive memories from his past relationship. The more he uses it, the more they begin to take a hold of his life.

Behind Barres

Director: Sophia Bender

Duration: 12 min

Behind Barres' follows the treacherous journey of a fragile young dancer's battle to overcome injury and the torment she must face in order to succeed in the gruelling world of ballet.


Director: Callum Croft

Producer: Gabrielle McCloud

Duration: 13 min

Two young boys battle imaginary monsters together, but soon one's violent home life is exposed and it is up to his friend to intervene.

Deep Six

Director: Deep Six

Duration: 13 min

A dark comedy about bodies that awaken in a morgue.

King Night

Director: Liam Fitzgibbon

Producer: Ellen Richardson (Alumni)

Duration: 13 min

An unwelcome guest visits two young women, bringing them a mysterious gift that threatens to unravel their relationship.

Lieutenant at Arms

Director: Kerri Ann Foweraker

Duration: 12 min

A young blind girl in Cold War England befriends a RAF pilot who unwittingly indulges her paranoia about the communist threat.


Director: Dylan Harris

Duration: 10 min

Estranged twins, Theo and Helen, reconnect while searching for an old cassette tape in their family home.


Director: Gabriel Hutchings

Duration: 12 min

A teenage girl, a middle aged man and a retired racehorse confront their uncertain futures in a forgotten town.

Feast on the Young

Director: Katia Mancuso

Producers: CJ Welsh, Lucy Claire East (Alumni)

Duration: 13 min

After mindlessly stepping into her trap, a troubled teenager must save her little sister from a bloodthirsty fairy lurking in the forest, before it devours them both.

The Rust

Director: Glenn Mounsey

Duration: 12 min

The Rust is a post-apocalyptic drama following a teenage girl struggling to survive in the harsh Victorian countryside.


Director: Charles Richardson

Producer: CJ Welsh (Alumni)

Duration: 13 min

Guppy is a romantic drama about the first trial of new, young love, set against the backdrop of the foreign world of Tokyo.

Amber Flush

Director: Beth Roland

Duration: 11 min

Felix is a recent widower who has the burden to take on the florist. He meets new, unusual people that help him bring the shop and his life back to life.

The Black Dog of Provence

Director: Romy Stubbings

Duration: 13 min

A pleasant weekend in the French countryside suddenly unravels when the fragile relationship between a young man and his impulsive mother is put to the test.

The Return Trip

Director: Jeremy Teh

Producer: Sarah Liu (Alumni)

Duration: 13 min

A recently deceased teenager takes a day trip back to Earth to throw his grieving friends the best farewell party ever.

Red & Blue

Director: Timothy Wilson

Duration: 8 min

After accidentally causing the death of a young girl, Marty, a paramedic, takes off with his daughter on an impulsive camping trip.

Master of Film and Television (Narrative)


Director: Catherine Bonny

Producer: Ryan O'Gorman (Alumni)

Duration: 15 min

In 2131, two sisters struggle to survive on a foreign planet. An alien sea creature promises its help, but at a terrible cost.

The Significance of Others

Director: Sebastian Bertoli

Producer: Laura Faulkner (Alumni)

Duration: 18 min

An improvised short that explores the unexpected friendship between May and Steven, who have a lot more in common than they realise.


Director: Neal Engelbrecht

Producer: Sonja Milovac & Varun Swaminathan (Alumni)

Duration: 15 min

An anxious hypochondriac’s life begins to disintegrate as he is forced to live without his medication.


Director: Whitesands

Duration: 18 min

Inspired by true events, Whitesands tells the story of a runaway arriving at a remote, coastal motel, where the eccentric owner watches his guests in secret.

Welcome to Hades

Director: John Gilmore

Producer: Laura Faulkner (Alumni)

Duration: 16 min

Mike is a damaged misfit who spends most of his time with Treacle, a precocious 11-year-old girl. They escape from their everyday life to the forest.


Director: Lara Gissing

Producer: Chloe Stannard & Eve Gill (Alumni)

Duration: 20 min

The cinematic equivalent of a bittersweet country love song, Babygirl follows Jess, a former country music child-star making her comeback after a fifteen year hiatus.


Director: Guy Harris

Duration: 17 min

A young woman undertakes a mesmeric road trip to revisit the ghosts of her past.

An Act of Love

Director: Lucy Knox

Producer: W.A.M Bleakley (Alumni)

Duration: 12 min

A close bond between two identical twins is tested when one sister rebels against their shared sense of oneness.

Power Down

Director: Bradley Murray

Duration: 9 min

A young artist must overcome her digital addiction to discover a part of herself hidden in the magic of the mountains.

Water on the Brain

Director: Lachlan Pezet

Producer: Freeman Trebilcock (Alumni)

Duration: 14 min

A man walks into a bar. He meets six drunks. And a mermaid.


Director: Jack Rintoul

Duration: 17 min

Edward tries to reconnect with his father Gareth. Gareth does not remember who Edward is and spends most of his time 1.2 billion kilometres away.

Death by Bloom

Director: Clement Soo

Duration: 17 min

In a world where you lie, you die - a man must lie in order for his girlfriend to move on to a better life.


Director: Ronak Taher

Duration: 18 min

Following a challenging family situation, a married couple scrutinise every decision they have made.

The Land Will Eat You

Director: Darcy Tuppen

Duration: 17 min

In remote coastal Vanuatu, a divide forms between the friendship of an indigenous community leader and an Australian developer.

The Neon North: Sacrifice

Director: Phoebe Williams

Producer: Prachi Vasant (Alumni)

Duration: 10 min

In a dystopian Australia, teenagers are conscripted into the military and cadet leader Luna's determination is tested when she confronts the brutality of Australia's regime.