Acting Company 2018

Caucasian Chalk Circle (2017), presented by Acting Company 2018 and production students
Caucasian Chalk Circle (2017), presented by Acting Company 2017 and production students.

VCA Acting Company 2018

Acting Company 2018 showcases the best of our graduating acting students. These emerging artists develop, strengthen and hone their acting chops through a broad range of studio-based learning, encompassing movement, voice, improvisation and stagecraft.

Our students gain vital experience in film, television and stage during their time at the VCA, and go on to work across a wide range of areas in the industry.

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  •  Lucy Ansell
    Lucy Ansell
  •  Oliver Bailey
    Oliver Bailey
  • Hayley Browne
    Hayley Browne
  •  Bronte Carmichael
    Bronte Carmichael
  •  Noah Casey
    Noah Casey
  •  Nic Davey-Greene
    Nic Davey-Greene
  • Alex Donnelly
    Alex Donnelly
  • Ian Ferrington
    Ian Ferrington
  • Sarah Fitzgerald
    Sarah Fitzgerald
  •  Cameron Grant
    Cameron Grant
  • Joanna Halliday
    Joanna Halliday
  • Cheryl Ho
    Cheryl Ho
  •  Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson
  • Abel Kollie
    Abel Kollie
  • Callum Mackay
    Callum Mackay
  • Edward McCullough
    Edward McCullough
  •  Annabelle Mitchell
    Annabelle Mitchell
  •  Lachie Pringle
    Lachie Pringle
  • Brooke Rayner
    Brooke Rayner
  •  Louisa Reid
    Louisa Reid
  • Karl Richmond
    Karl Richmond
  •  Samuel Rowe
    Samuel Rowe
  •  Minjae (Andy) Song
    Minjae (Andy) Song
  •  Aquilla Sorensen
    Aquilla Sorensen
  • Lauren Steiner
    Lauren Steiner
  •  Alexander Tomisich
    Alexander Tomisich

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