Production at the VCA encompasses all aspects of design and technical production for live performance – set, costume, sound, lighting and stage management.   

Production Graduates 2018

  • Bethany Auhl
    Bethany Auhl
  • Kris Bird
    Kris Bird
  • Stephanie Brook
    Stephanie Brook
  • Andrew Crane
    Andrew Crane
  • Tom Dahlenburg
    Tom Dahlenburg
  • Bethany J Fellows
    Bethany J Fellows
  • Rebecca Hurst
    Rebecca Hurst
  • Elena Lyons-Dawson
    Elena Lyons-Dawson
  • Jeremy Pryles
    Jeremy Pryles
  • Valentina Serebrennikova
    Valentina Serebrennikova
  • Alia Syed
    Alia Syed
  • Phoenix Waddell
    Phoenix Waddell
  • Alexandra Flux
    Alexandra Flux
  • Coralee Hall
    Coralee Hall
  • Emily Harvey
    Emily Harvey
  • Chelsea Maron
    Chelsea Maron
  • Leah Mazzone-Brown
    Leah Mazzone-Brown
  • Bridget Milesi
    Bridget Milesi
  • Felix Millar
    Felix Millar
  • Stephanie Neoh
    Stephanie Neoh
  • Helen Rofe
    Helen Rofe
  • Tess Shipley
    Tess Shipley
  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith
  • Lotte Welsh
    Lotte Welsh
  • Nathanael Armstrong
    Nathanael Armstrong
  • Noah Huxtable
    Noah Huxtable
  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones
  • Christopher Maxwell
    Christopher Maxwell
  • Nicholas Moloney
    Nicholas Moloney
  • Henry Paulet
    Henry Paulet
  • Jedd Schaeche
    Jedd Schaeche
  • Mungo Trumble
    Mungo Trumble
  • Jonathan Wedgwood
    Jonathan Wedgwood
  • Blaze Bryans
    Blaze Bryans
  • Jordan Carter
    Jordan Carter
  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark
  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis
  • Rose Jenkins
    Rose Jenkins
  • Bridget McWilliams
    Bridget McWilliams
  • Rachel Nagy
    Rachel Nagy
  • Natasha Noel
    Natasha Noel
  • Talia North
    Talia North
  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong
  • Lucie Sutherland
    Lucie Sutherland
  • Cointha Walkeden
    Cointha Walkeden
  • Ashleigh Walwyn
    Ashleigh Walwyn