Music Theatre Company 2017

VCA Music Theatre Company 2016
Music Theatre Company 2017. Image: Jeff Busby, 20117.

VCA Music Theatre Company 2017

Music Theatre Company 2017 are defined by their passion, their depth of feeling, their curiosity and the sensitivity and commitment that they bring to their work.

They have been led through their three years of training by a remarkable group of teaching artists who have shared their talents, instilled their passion and set high expectations for both the skills and dedication required for a sustainable professional career in music theatre.

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  • Marty Alix
    Marty Alix
  • Alessandra Bizzanelli
    Alessandra Bizzanelli
  • Kaya Byrne
    Kaya Byrne
  • Kiana Daniele
    Kiana Daniele
  • Jess D’Souza
    Jess D’Souza
  • Kala Gare
    Kala Gare
  • Saxon Gray
    Saxon Gray
  • Phoebe Heath
    Phoebe Heath
  • Grady Lynch
    Grady Lynch
  • Owen McCredie
    Owen McCredie
  • Thomas McGuane
    Thomas McGuane
  • Teagan Nowicki
    Teagan Nowicki
  • Francesca O’Donnell
    Francesca O’Donnell
  • Louis Reed
    Louis Reed
  • Anthony Sheppard
    Anthony Sheppard
  • Willow Sizer
    Willow Sizer
  • Alec Steedman
    Alec Steedman
  • Tigist Strode
    Tigist Strode
  • Jessica Vellucci
    Jessica Vellucci
  • Amelia Wilson
    Amelia Wilson
  • Jack Wunsch
    Jack Wunsch

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