Music Theatre Company 2016

VCA Music Theatre Company 2016
Music Theatre Company 2016. Image: Sav Schulman, 2016.

VCA Music Theatre Company 2016

Music Theatre Company 2016 are defined by their passion, their depth of feeling, their curiosity and the sensitivity and commitment that they bring to their work.

They have been led through their three years of training by a remarkable group of teaching artists who have shared their talents, instilled their passion and set high expectations for both the skills and dedication required for a sustainable professional career in music theatre.

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  • Kara Backhous
    Kara Backhous
  • Nicola Bowman
    Nicola Bowman
  • Des Flanagan
    Des Flanagan
  • Bram Harris
    Bram Harris
  • Emma Hoy
    Emma Hoy
  • Luke Jarvis
    Luke Jarvis
  • Andy Johnston
    Andy Johnston
  • Alister Kingsley
    Alister Kingsley
  • Josephine Marchant
    Josephine Marchant
  • Erin Mathieson
    Erin Mathieson
  • Jen McKinnon
    Jen McKinnon
  • Alessandra Merlo
    Alessandra Merlo
  • Taylor Penrose
    Taylor Penrose
  • Maxwell Simon
    Maxwell Simon
  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor
  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson
  • Petronella van Tienen
    Petronella van Tienen
  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward
  • Lachlan Whan
    Lachlan Whan

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