Film and Television

Film and Television at the VCA attracts students that wish to be challenged to explore their creative potential. Our practice-based ethos puts creativity and storytelling at the heart of everything we do.

We balance intensive, studio-based practice with critical studies. Our learning environment creates the opportunity to form professional relationships that will prove invaluable throughout your career.

Film and Television has several areas of specialisation at undergraduate and graduate levels: Animation, Documentary, Narrative, Producing and Screenwriting.

Jessica Kneipp , Water, BFTV2, 2012


For over forty years our Animation graduates have been keenly sought after to produce animated works for television series, short films and feature-length animations. Today graduates also apply their animation skills to video art and installation, websites, games and educational programs.

The Animation specialisation taught at undergraduate level, is based on practical exploration of animation screen production. It covers; idea development, screenwriting, storyboarding, character design and expression, 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion, motion effects, editing, the use of sound and music and exposure to a range of relevant hardware and software programs.


Documentary at the VCA challenges you to create critically reflective films that capture a distinct place and time in our society.

Taught at graduate level, Documentary welcomes students with an enquiring mind and a highly visual outlook. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds including media, journalism, law, science, creative writing, social work and other art forms.


The Narrative specialisation emphasises the screenwriting, direction and editing of narrative film and television. You are encouraged to be innovative and experimental, explore ideas and develop the expertise to express them to an audience through a visual medium.

Narrative is taught at both undergraduate and graduate level. In both you gain hands-on experience in all the major creative roles involved in film production through working on your own films and crewing on other student’s films, honing your skills in cinematography and sound editing.


Producing taught at the graduate level is strongly based on the notion that producers make films. The program allows you to identify and develop your creative, managerial and people skills; introduces you to story and script; project development and day to day production skills; provides the experience of producing and marketing graduate level student films; followed by time spent with effective industry professionals, and on industry attachments. 

This course relates directly to the commercial screen industry in any format. Applicants from varied backgrounds and professions are encouraged to apply.


Screenwriting is a specialisation for those who have a desire to tell audience driven stories via a visual medium.

Undergraduate level Screenwriting at VCA covers areas such as cinematic and television writing, adaptation, writing for the youth market, for games and for the web. The graduate level program is dedicated solely to developing screenwriters of longer form feature film or television writing.


Short courses

We also offer non-award filmmaking courses through the Faculty of VCA & MCM Short Courses program. 

Visit the Short Courses website for current course availability and application information.

Film and Television FAQs

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Film and Television acting and crewing

Film and Television offer acting and crewing opportunities on our student productions to those wanting to gain on-set experience, or further develop their craft.

Find out more about acting and crewing opportunities.